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State-of-the-art lab and production facilities enable Laserod to manage the most exacting R&D projects and meet manufacturing needs of a multitude of clients.

Laser Systems

Laserod has four decades of expertise in building small, medium, and large laser systems for a range of users from universities to Fortune 100 aerospace and defense enterprises.


At Laserod, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional micromachining services to a variety of industries, thanks to our top-notch laser technology. Over the years, we’ve developed and enhanced our processes to meet the varying demands of our clients, making sure we provide precise and high-quality services.

Our laser services can be used in various applications in laser cutting, drilling, trimming, etching, resizing, and coring. For each one, our team pays close attention to every detail and design specification. With an array of laser types, we can work on various shapes and sizes, and hundreds of types of materials like silicon, glass, aluminum, and more.

We understand that every project is unique, and that’s where our “Passion for Precision” inspires us to deliver services that will help drive your business forward.

  • Laser Cutting & Scribing - Cut any thin material with accuracy and precision with our laser cutting and scribing services. Using infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, we cut hundreds of different types of materials, from delicate to hard. Our laser-cutting process ensures that the material remains undamaged and in pristine condition. Even with various shapes and demanding requirements, you can be confident our team of experts will meet the desired results. Learn More
  • Laser Hole Drilling - Drill high-quality micro holes on a broad range of materials with our laser hole drilling services. We employ a full array of lasers at every pulse and wavelength to all kinds of micro holes on various materials like metals, polymers, glass, and more. Whatever the purpose or industry, we ensure to optimize the micro-drilling process to match the material, its geometric properties, and client specifications. Learn More
  • Laser Resistor Trimming - Modify resistors through our laser resistor trimming services. Using various laser sizes to achieve different trim types, our laser trimming process and systems ensure the precise and high performance of every resistor. We understand that resistors are critical in the production of microelectronic devices. That’s why whether it’s active or passive trimming, we pay close attention to the laser parameter conditions to reach your requirements. Learn More
  • Laser Thin-Film Etching - Create your desired pattern with our laser thin-film etching services. As pioneers in the laser etching business, we’ve perfected our process to be automated and accurate, without damaging the material. No matter the requirement, be it for medical devices to cell phones, our laser technology works on a range of materials to give you the intended conductive pattern that ensures electrical signals go where they’re needed. Learn More
  • Wafer Resizing & Coring - Resize, dice, and scribe silicon wafers with our resizing and coring services. By using lasers over mechanical tools, we provide a less damaging method that can cut various shapes and sizes and even create curves. Our two-step process results in minimal debris and low thermal impact. Aside from silicone, we can resize and core other materials down to any smaller size, thickness, or shape. Learn More