Modern day cars and trucks are in the midst of rapid evolution from the internal combustion engine that uses exclusively carbon based fuel sources to hybrid, all electric, and even hydrogen cell powered engines. Additionally, more and more vehicle functions – ranging from sound and navigation systems to tire pressure detection devices – are based on high tech electronics. Laser micromachining in the form of automotive laser etching, and laser drilling and cutting, is in ever greater use in the auto industry, not only for electronic components but also in the manufacture of the numerous sensors, security systems, and driver interfaces that comprise today’s sophisticated vehicles.

  • Flex CircuitsComplex mechanical components are powered by flex circuits that require precision cutting, drilling and etching to meet today’s strict technology standards.  
  • Defrost Circuit Etching – Precision laser etched defrost circuits are universal in windshields and must perform flawlessly  for the life of a vehicle. 
  • Resistor Trimming of Sensors — Many sensors in today’s vehicles are miniscule, but integral to award-winning safety features. Laser resistor trimming can properly fine-tune sensors to the height of industry standards.
  • Side Mirror Etching –– Turn signals are an essential part of every vehicle, and the more visible side mirror signals are to both the driver and oncoming traffic, the safer the vehicle. Laser etching on glass is a Laserod specialty, with much of this experience earned working for the automotive industry

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