Our Biotech and Medical Laser cutting services


The new era of medicine and biotechnology has led to a continuing need to make related products smaller and more exacting, which is where Laserod excels. Our femtosecond and picosecond lasers can machine medical materials to micron accuracy. With performance that complies with rigorous FDA guidelines, our contract services frequently include work on:

  • Catheter Tubes – Small and delicate catheters and angioplasty tubes require high precision drilling and cutting. 
  • Stents – The need for stents to remain flexible yet strong requires our femtosecond lasers to produce the highest possible edge quality while limiting the heat affected zone.
  • Flex Circuits – Flex circuitry in small, often mobile medical equipment powers exacting operating room equipment and performs precision cutting, drilling and etching to meet ever more demanding performance standards.
  • Microfluidic Circuits — A new generation of complex medical devices, microfluidic circuits utilize precision laser cutting and etching services.
  • Electrical Interconnect – With human life on the line, accurate and reliable electrical interconnects for medical devices are vital . Laser etching helps provide stable and efficiently delivered electrical current.
  • Flow Control –= Proper flow control is important for many medical devices. Using laser hole drilling, flow control can be determined down to the micron level

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