Semiconductor Lasers


For over thirty years, the demand for semiconductors in electronics of every description has exploded as the size of semiconductor components in microelectronics has steadily diminished. The new generation of miniaturized electronics is ideally suited to the use of high precision laser micromachining. In response, Laserod has configured laser machines and performed contract manufacturing for some of the largest makers of wafer level semiconductor components, in Europe and Asia as well as the U.S.

Our customers serve nearly every possible industry where technology advances are being made including automotive, defense and aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and consumer electronics. Typical laser processes commonly include via hole drilling, cutting and/or dicing wafers into individual die, resistor trimming, marking, failure analysis, cutting and drilling and etching using ultraviolet (UV) lasers that can hold tolerances as tight as several microns . As electronics have advanced in complexity, the materials we work on increasingly vary and include silicon and silicon nitride, gallium arsenide, germanium, silicon carbide, graphene, indium, and much more. (Check our Semiconductor gallery.)

Some of the work Laserod performs for Semiconductor industry clients includes:

  • Wafer Coring & Resizing – Cutting smaller semiconductor wafers out of wafers of all sizes.
  • Complex Shape Cutouts – Our AutoCad software enables us to singulate any possible semiconductor shape and size.
  • Via Drilling – Via drilling semiconductor devices creates electrical interconnect between layers, enabling such devices to get smaller and smaller. 
  • Thin-Film Etching – One of our strongest capabilities, thin film patterning, enables us to isolate individual layers and create electrical interconnects between them. 

Our engineering staff look forward to working with you on an R&D project or further refinement to an already existing manufacturing process. 

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