About Us

Laserod Incorporated was founded in the mid-1990s, succeeding Florod, a company established by two partners twenty years earlier, so Laserod and its predecessor corporation date back nearly half a century. In 2011, Laserod Inc. was purchased by a successor corporation, Laserod Technologies LLC, headed by David Adams, Jr. (President/CEO) and Charles Moffitt (Chairman), investors with many years of experience as financial and operating executives.

Along with Adams and Moffitt, Laserod senior personnel possess nearly a century of business acumen and laser technical expertise, having worked with many of the world’s major corporations and universities.

Laserod counts among its customers such Fortune 500 companies as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Jet Propulsion Labs, IBM, Lockheed, Medtronic, Mitsui, Raytheon, Rockwell Scientific, Teledyne, and others. Laserod’s university clients, nearly 100 in number, include Stanford, UCLA, Caltech, MIT, UC Berkeley and many others.

Laserod is dedicated to providing exceptional micromachining services and systems to a variety of industries including microelectronics, aerospace, medical instruments, solar cell, transducer sensor, and touchscreen fabricators. Laserod’s specialties are drilling and cutting thin materials, small hole drilling, resizing/coring silicon wafers, trimming hybrid resistor circuits, cutting ceramic substrates, and circuit patterning on displays such as ITO on glass and PET.

The Laserod line of laser machines is guaranteed to produce the same precision results as Laserod’s Production Division. Before purchasing a laser system, Laserod engineering personnel demonstrate how the equipment will perform on a client’s materials by producing test samples to the customer’s specification. Laserod guarantees that the laser machines manufactured by Laserod will produce the same precision results as our lab and Production Division.

Laserod has been located in the suburban Los Angeles city of Torrance. California, for over thirty years with a sales presence elsewhere in the United States and customers worldwide.