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About Us

Laserod Incorporated was founded by Rod Waters in the mid 1990s, succeeding Florod, a company established by Waters and a partner in the 1970s. Waters began his career in the laser industry in the 1960s working for the Korad Division of Union Carbide. In mid-2011, the assets of Laserod Inc. were purchased by a successor corporation, Laserod Technologies LLC, headed by David Adams, Jr. (President/CEO) and Charles Moffitt (Chairman), investors with many years of experience as financial and operating executives.

Laserod counts among its customers such Fortune 500 companies as Boeing, Northrop Grumman, IBM, Lockheed, Mitsui, Raytheon, Rockwell Scientific, Teledyne, Tyco and others. Laserod’s university clients, nearly 100 in number, have included Stanford, UCLA, Caltech, MIT and Brown University.

Laserod  is dedicated to providing exceptional micromachining services to a variety of industries including micro-electronics, aerospace, medical, solar cell, transducer sensor, touchscreen fabricators, and others. Laserod’s specialties are drilling and cutting thin materials, small hole drilling, resizing/coring silicon wafers, trimming hybrid resistor circuits, cutting ceramic substrates, and circuit patterning on displays such as ITO on glass and PET.

The Laserod line of laser machines is guaranteed to produce the same precision results as Laserod’s Production Division.  Before purchasing a laser system, Laserod engineering personnel  demonstrate how the equipment will perform on a client’s materials by producing test samples to the customer’s specification.  Laserod guarantees that the laser machines produced by Laserod will produce the same precision results as our laser job shop.


David V. Adams, Jr.

In a near twenty year career as an executive and consultant, David Adams has served in the role of CEO, CFO or President of six turnaround companies, in industries ranging from automotive aftermarket products to construction. He continues to serve on the board of directors of two of those companies. David’s consulting experience includes consumer products, Internet services, manufacturing, automotive, real estate and off-shore procurement. David’s expertise includes accounting, financial analysis, strategic planning, merger integration, turnaround management and marketing.

David graduated with a BA degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1991 and earned his MBA with honors from the University of Southern California.

Charles T. Moffitt

Over more than three decades, Chuck Moffitt has been a CEO, COO or CFO in seventeen companies in diverse industries, combining skills in marketing, finance, strategic planning, and personnel management. He has also served on nine boards of directors, arranged numerous mergers and equity financings, and structured senior debt packages of up to $100 million.

Prior to founding C.T. Moffitt & Company, Chuck served as Deputy Mayor of the City of Los Angeles directly responsible for policy guidance of twenty city departments with 18,000 personnel and budgets in excess of $4 billion. Earlier in his career, Chuck was a Vice President at First Interstate Bank where he managed major corporate relationships including Times Mirror, Southern California Edison and Mattel.

Chuck is a graduate of UCLA. He earned his M.A. (Economics) at the University of Washington and pursued doctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

Rod Waters

Founder and currently Marketing Manager of Laserod, Rod has been active in the laser industry for over forty years. After graduating with a degree in Physics from the University of California (Los Angeles) and service in the U.S. Army, Waters began his career working for North American Aviation on the Apollo Moon Program. From 1965-72 he worked as laser Product Manager for the Korad Division of Union Corporation. He earned an MBA with distinction from Pepperdine University. In 1974 Rod joined with a partner Floyd Pothoven to found Florod, the predecessor company of Laserod, which succeeded Florod in 1996.

Terry Pothoven

Chief Engineer of Laserod, Terry was born into the laser industry. His father Floyd founded Florod with Rod Waters. After graduating with honors in Physics at UCLA (1988) – and even prior to that time in high school — Terry has worked continuously as a laser processing manager and design engineer with California Digital Corporation, ITW, Florod and Laserod, gaining experience with all types of lasers. Terry is widely recognized for his depth of knowledge and experience in laser micromachining technology and its applications.

Ryne Tacker

A graduate of the Rice Institute of Technology (2007), Ryne joined the sales department upon the acquisition of Laserod by its new owners in 2011, and is now Sales Manager.  At Rice, Ryne was an Academic All-American Baseball Player, leading his team to the NCAA championship game in his senior year. Ryne was also first prize winner of the Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium. He was subsequently a professional baseball player in the Oakland Athletic organization and a founder of Phantom Performance, Inc.