Those industries within the telecommunications sector – principally phone companies and internet service providers – are the backbone of the information society and now also the epicenter for growth, innovation, and disruption in many other industries as well.

While traditional phone calls continue to be telecom’s major source of income, communication today has mutated into many other forms including texting, video streaming, high speed internet access, and most importantly mobile applications; all of which require hardware that is rapidly becoming smaller and more advanced. A vast array of satellites deployed to enhance the transmission capacity of these devices is another arena rapidly striving for enhanced performance in ever smaller packages.

The laser micromachining processes used in creating all of these new communication devices are also rapidly multiplying, and trends in telecom development suggest these parallel continuing trends will persist. Some of those trends include:

5G Technology – The 5th generation of mobile network communication provides high broadband and much faster and reliable data transmission speeds, which will in turn enhance the user experience, as well as uncover many new categories of uses. Laserod has worked with several providers of wireless telecom equipment to develop and miniaturize chips for 5G transmission equipment.

The Internet of Things (IoT) – refers to objects with sensors and processing ability that connect with other such objects or the internet. In the consumer world IoT Technology extends to devices such as security systems, lighting fixtures, and home appliances that are controlled by common ecosystems associated with smart phone and speakers. Laserod has worked on a number of projects to develop advanced multilayer chips that enable such devices to process commands and communicate with peer devices.

Satellite Propogation– Working with Jet Propulsion Laboratories and other NASA contractors, Laserod has helped advance the state-of-the-art in communication satellites, which are proliferating and essential to even further interconnection.

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