In our 40+ years of experience, we’ve innovated applications for a variety of different industries.

Industries we work with

  • Aerospace & Defense - Advances in defense and aerospace technology and related R&D continue at a pace more rapid than ever before. Laserod keeps up with customer requirements by continual and regular upgrading of its laser lab to pico/femtosecond lasers and motion control systems of all types and descriptions. As components get smaller, so… Learn More
  • Automotive - The evolution of the automotive industry from carbon based fuels to alternative energy has occurred in parallel with the increasing role of today’s vehicles in modern society as entertainment and communication centers, and even places of business. All of the electronic components are made using a full array of laser… Learn More
  • Medical & Biotech - The new era of medicine and biotechnology has led to a continuing need to make related products smaller and more exacting, which is where Laserod excels. Our femtosecond and picosecond lasers can machine medical materials to micron accuracy. With performance that complies with rigorous FDA guidelines, some services we typically… Learn More
  • Semiconductor - Laserod has decades of experience working with the semiconductor and microelectronics industries on a variety of functions from wafer resizing, to laser resistor trimming, to laser etching. Learn More
  • Solar - As the solar power industry rapidly advances the production of greater wattage per square inch of solar panel, Laserod has worked with solar producers on innovative ways of laser etching, cutting and other unique micromachining techniques to continue the momentum of solar technology. Learn More
  • Telecommunications - As the telecommunications industry has grown and changed, Laserod has been there to help it do so. Our precision lasers allow satellite technology and communications towers become smaller, but more effective. Learn More
  • Touch Panel Displays - Touch screens and displays have become both omnipresent and considerably more complex in recent years, requiring more sophisticated technique to produce them. Laserod excels at creating superior touch screen applications using dry etching, creating less damage and stronger materials. Learn More
  • Universities & Research - Whether yours is a small project or large research application, Laserod technical personnel can work with you to innovate and improve. We have decades of experience helping universities and research institutions finish projects of every size and description. Learn More