Touch Panel Displays


Laserod was among the pioneers in laser patterning of displays when in 1985 we designed and built a green YAG laser for patterning of ITO on glass and PET.  Until recent years, laser patterning of displays was largely confined to low volume and R&D applications as it could not compete with the high volume of chemical etching processes. Recent advances in laser and motion technology now allow us to increase our laser ablation rate tenfold or more, making laser ablation economically feasible in mid-volume production, and particularly in high precision environments. 

The explosive growth of display/touchscreen technology since the beginning of the century has changed nearly every industry where information is a key component, from banking (ATMs), to retail (checkout by touchscreen), to medical instruments (a full range of monitoring computers), to law enforcement (palm scanners).  In addition, as display technology continues to advance, Laserod has been called upon to deliver systems or to pattern new OLED devices for VR, AR, night vision, range finder, helmet, and hunting scope applications. 

Some of the features and advantages of laser ablation of touchscreen displays include:

  • Versatility in the ability to pattern a range of conducting, insulating, semiconductor and hybrid materials
  • Ultra-fine feature size with track or feature widths down to a few microns
  • Direct writing capability avoiding the need for masks and wet post-processing
  • Ability to pattern 2D and 3D materials and components including cylinders, spheres and complex surfaces
  • Ability to tune a conduction channel to optimize electrical performance
  • Ability to make or break electrical continuity in the patterned materials.

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