LPS & SPS Standalone Systems


Laserod’s LPS and SPS systems are multi-purpose laser micromachining stations that offer a range of a range of options to meet most production needs.  Developed over many years, these standard workstations assure the customer of the highest quality and performance reliability. Unless the materials to be laser processed exceed the dimensions of our standard systems, we advise our customers to avoid the time and cost of additional engineering and go with systems that have enjoyed many years of proven performance.

Both machines are designed around a highly stable granite based support structure with passive pneumatic isolators in the feet of the system. The main structure houses the laser, optics, and safety shield. The electronics sub-assembly and computer system are integrated within the main structure.

LPS machines are supplied with an XY stage for moving your parts. SPS machines are supplied with a galvanometer scanner to move the beam. Choices of laser from 1W to 400W are supplied in either IR, green or UV wavelengths and nanosecond, picosecond, or femtosecond pulse widths. The proprietary software is advanced GUI type written in-house.

Both LPS and SPS systems can produce feature sizes down to 5 microns. Maximum hole or cut depth is typically 3 millimeters, minimum spot size 10-25 microns depending on the laser used, accuracy of +/- 10 microns, and minimum hole size 10 microns. (For exceptions to these general guidelines, please consult Laserod’s engineering staff.)

Applications for these systems include the full range of micromachining applications including but not limited to:

  • Cutting, drilling and scribing any thin material
  • Silicon wafer coring and machining
  • Patterning displays
  • Hybrid resistor trimming

Please contact your sales rep or Laserod directly for further information on how the LPS and SPS standalone systems can help you realize your company’s laser micromachining needs.