Laser prototyping/Process development

For over a generation, Laserod and its predecessor companies have provided laser micromachining products and services to many of the largest industrial corporations and most prestigious universities in the world.

In today’s constantly changing technological universe, the demand for continually improving performance and smaller feature sizes never ends. Working closely with each of our client companies, Laserod’s veteran technical personnel labor diligently to help them advance their technology and address these new demands.

Achieving optimal laser processing parameters for a new product or design depends on matching just the right laser energy density and wavelength with the material processed, its chemistry and thickness, as well as the required precision and processing speed. Laserod is committed to the integrity and results of this demanding process from start to finished product.

A particular feature of Laserod’s process development and prototyping focus has been the need to assist clients to achieve their desired “ROI” (return on investment), or cost per part. Due to the expense of micromachining, which requires big-ticket laser installations, additional minutes of processing time equates to more dollars spent per part. By paying close attention to processing time, and enhancing design elements with production needs in mind, Laserod has helped its customers save many thousands of dollars over nearly four decades.

To assist with the process development and prototyping task, we employ a full array of lasers in virtually every wavelength, paired with an assortment of pulse widths (ns – fs), and a broad variety of motion control devices, some custom made for specific jobs; complemented by coordinate measuring devices and high magnification 3D microscopes to assist in achieving results to sub-micron accuracy in virtually any material.

Whatever your micromachining need or industry – from aerospace to medical, to semiconductor, or university research and development – Laserod welcomes the opportunity to help reach your next level of technical achievement.