Universities & Research


More patent applications have been filed in the two decades of the 21st century than in all of human history preceding them. Many of these patents in the areas of electronics, aerospace and medical technology require manufacturing of smaller parts made with previously unknown materials; so it cannot be surprising that the demand for laser equipment and services has expanded at rates far exceeding the growth of many other industries, as well as the U.S. and world economies. The applications of today’s lasers are indeed at the “cutting edge” of high technology.

Working to keep pace with scientific developments, Laserod has collaborated for decades with the physics/electronics/engineering labs of universities and R&D departments of corporations worldwide.

A small sample of the university and government labs we work with include: Stanford University, University of California (Berkeley), UCLA, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts institute of Technology, National Institute of Standards, Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL), NASA, Rice University, Indian Institutes of Technology, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and many more.

For competitive reasons, nearly all contracts with industry clientele are subject to strict non-disclosure agreements. Laserod’s engineering staff may be able to disclose some of the aspects of the many projects with these Fortune 500 companies with you when appropriate.

Laserod’s experienced engineers can work with your team to further your R&D work or assist in application development. Our clean room facilities are ideally suited to test and develop your parts to the tightest specification.

To request a quote or discuss your application, contact our sales staff or submit a Request for Quote.