We offer a wide range of precision laser services to fulfill your needs.

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  • Laser Cutting & Scribing - We provide laser cutting and scribing services with minimal heat to prevent undue damage to the material, leaving the edges fine and precise to micron accuracy. Learn More
  • Laser Hole Drilling - Our picosecond and femtosecond lasers create holes to micron tolerances using the trepanning or percussion methods, with close to no HAZ (head affected zone). Learn More
  • Laser Resistor Trimming - Our laser resistor trimming services include active and passive trimming that can yield trim accuracy to 0.1% of spec and change circuit parameters as needed. Learn More
  • Laser Thin-Film Etching - Our laser etching and thin-film patterning services involve removing masking layers from materials such as glass, ITO, PET, silicon, and a broad variety of thin metal substrates. Learn More
  • Wafer Resizing & Coring - Laserod has provided laser wafer coring and resizing services to scores of demanding clients over nearly a generation with precision that can’t be matched with conventional dicing methods. Learn More