Femto Laser Cutting

Femto Laser Cutting

Laserod specializes in customized solutions in the laser cutting industry. Laser offers laser marking, laser plastic welding, and laser micromachining services to our clients. We are also pleased to inform you that Laserod services a wide variety of industries. No two laser machining jobs are the same, please contact Laserod to discuss your project, and see how Femto laser cutting can help you.

Why Laserod Uses Femto Lasers

With Laserod's state-of-the-art technology and laser cutting equipment, we can oversee our laser process with a full 3-D visualization, making our process fast, smooth, and efficient. For example, when laser cutting a cogwheel for a watch manufacturing client, it only takes Laserod about 30 seconds to complete the precision cutting. Precision is the key to such small and intricate components, where the functionality of the product depends on it. With Laserod's Femto laser cutting, we can achieve ultra-precision cuts on even the smallest of parts, and we can do so in bulk, fast! Laserod's Femto laser cutting is intended to provide 100% accurate micromachining, cutting, carving, and engraving for the tiniest, most delicate, most intricate components on the planet! For example, a cogwheel for a watch is just 1/8 of the size of a US dime! Of course, this is just an example of micromachining for a watch manufacturer. Our lasers can be used for photovoltaic cell scribing, glass cutting, or any other kind of micromachining. The Femto laser enables Laserod to engrave any material.

What is the Best Laser for Micromachining?

Our laser cutting machines integrate a Femto cutting laser. It is this kind of laser that allows Laserod to achieve the highest quality of micromachining, and that is why we have been trusted over and over by Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Northrop Grumman, IBM, Lockheed, Mitsui, Raytheon, Rockwell Scientific, Teledyne, Tyco, and others. When we say that we have a passion for precision, this isn't mere marketing or sales jargon. We really mean it!

Laserod Provides Precision Laser Cutting for Many Industries

Laserod has been the top choice for Femto laser cutting and micromachining by many Fortune 500 companies. Our clients keep coming back to Laserod because we are dedicated to providing the world's best micromachining services across a full spectrum of industries, including the following:

  • Medical
  • Solar cell
  • Micro-electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Transducer sensor
  • Touchscreen fabricators

Of course, we're only scratching the surface of the many industries that Laserod serves. You can rely on Laserod for the cutting and drilling of ultra-thin materials, small hole drilling, resizing/coring silicon wafers, trimming hybrid resistor circuits, cutting ceramic substrates, and cutting patterning on displays, such as ITO on glass and PET.

Put Our Lasers to Work for You

Today, lasers are everywhere, as they are used in a wide variety of applications. Laser technology can be found in everyday devices, such as bar-code scanners, DVD players, and more. Lasers are even used in modern medicine! Of course, everyone knows that lasers create dazzling laser light shows! Laserod uses lasers in micro manufacturing, which is instrumental to much of the modern devices, technology, and medicine that we use.

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Femto Laser Cutting

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