Micromachining Lasers

Micromachining Lasers

Roger Waters created Laserod Incorporated in the 90s after gaining experience in laser micromachining of engineering materials since the 60s. Then in mid-2011, the assets were bought by Laserod Technologies LCC, and we became the company we are today.

Our services include pattering displays, laser micromachining of silicon and MEMS, cutting and drilling thin materials, and resistor trimming. We have work with companies from the Fortune 500 list like Boeing, IBM, and Lockheed, and we have worked with almost 100 universities.

Applications of Our Micromachining Lasers:

  • Laser patterning

Our industrial lasers are designed to make patterning displays without a problem. The process, also called etching, consists of removing a layer of material from a surface by heating it with a laser beam.

If the surface is from a solid object, the material simply sublimates. If it is liquid, it evaporates. In the case of displays, it removes the conductive material coating leaving behind a pattern or circuit. We called it Direct Laser Processing with almost no waste.

We do the laser patterning with 10-micron laser cut width, and if the clients require to remove more materials, we use ultrafast laser cutting speeds and high laser repetition. This process is used for touch-screens, solar panels, architectural windows, and interdigitated electrodes.

  • Laser machining of silicon

One of our specialties is lasers for micromachining silicon. Silicon is a compound with a crystalline structure, which makes it brittle. Added to that, it has a very high vaporization temperature. These characteristics make silicon a tricky material to work with.

But laser micromachining is ideal for engineering this material. It has no problem with coring, cutting, micro-drilling, scribing, dicing, and singulation silicon.

Our lasers can be applied for drilling holes down to five microns, wafer singulation, wafer flats, and metal contact isolation. Silicon is very common in manufacturing micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), so we work with these devices.

MEM devices have many applications like accelerometers, barometers, microphones, ultrasounds, and many more. Our services can be used in all the industries where they use these devices like aerospace, medical, and mobile devices.

  • Cutting and drilling thin materials

We are also experts in cutting thin materials. Our lasers can cut a max depth of three millimeters, and with don’t have a minimum, the thinner, the better. We also use a single laser mode that helps minimize heat distortion on the metal.

We can work with a wide range of materials like plastics, ceramics, silicon, stainless steel, and even diamond. Our lasers can make repeatable holes accurately using two methods, percussion or trepanning.

Percussion is the process of drilling a hole by “punching” the metal with the laser beam. And trepanning is when you drill the hole by moving the laser beam in a widening circle.

  • Resistor trimming

Resistor trimming is the process of shortening a resistor to increased its resistance value. It is used to change the operating parameters of an electronic circuit. We offer and trimming accuracy of 0,1%.

We also offer a spot size between 25 to 75 microns and the possibility to choose between passive or active trimming. Passive is when the trim is done only monitoring the resistor, and active is when the resistor is connected to the circuit.

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Micromachining Lasers

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