Femtosecond Laser Cutting Services

At Laserod, we’re not just offering a service; we’re revolutionizing precision with our state-of-the-art Femtosecond laser cutting services.

What is Femtosecond Laser Cutting?

Imagine cutting with the precision of a surgeon and the finesse of an artist. That’s what femtosecond laser cutting does for you. Utilizing ultra-short light pulses, this cutting-edge technology delivers unmatched accuracy and versatility, making it perfect for delicate, intricate tasks where traditional lasers fall short.

Femto Lasers: The Heart of Precision

How Do Femto Lasers Work?

Femto lasers operate by emitting incredibly short bursts of light. These ultra-short pulses are intense but fleeting, which means they interact with material differently than longer laser pulses. This allows for a unique interaction with the target material, minimizing thermal effects and preventing heat damage.

When these lasers emit pulses, they can target specific areas of a material with incredible accuracy. This capability is essential for tasks requiring minute detailing or working with sensitive materials that can’t withstand high heat.

The end result is a cutting and engraving capability that is both extraordinarily precise and gentle on the material. Femto lasers can create intricate patterns, make ultra-fine cuts, and perform detailed engraving that would be impossible or impractical with traditional laser technology.

Why Laserod Uses Femto Lasers

With Laserod’s state-of-the-art technology and laser cutting equipment, we can oversee our laser process with a full 3-D visualization, making our process fast, smooth, and efficient. For example, when laser cutting a cogwheel for a watch manufacturing client, it only takes Laserod about 30 seconds to complete the precision cutting. Precision is the key to such small and intricate components, where the functionality of the product depends on it.

With Laserod’s Femto laser cutting services, we can achieve ultra-precision cuts on even the smallest of parts, and we can do so in bulk, fast! Laserod’s Femto laser cutting is intended to provide 100% accurate micromachining, cutting, carving, and engraving for the tiniest, most delicate, most intricate components on the planet! For example, a cogwheel for a watch is just 1/8 of the size of a US dime! Of course, this is just an example of micromachining for a watch manufacturer. Our lasers can be used for photovoltaic cell scribing, glass cutting, or any other kind of micromachining. The Femto laser enables Laserod to engrave any material.

What We Offer

At Laserod, our femto lasers are more than sophisticated equipment; they are a testament to our unwavering commitment to precision. This dedication is why industry giants like Boeing and IBM trust us for their complex micromachining needs. We don’t just deliver precision; we embody it in every project we undertake.

Beyond just providing machinery, we specialize in tailored solutions designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements. From crafting processes for ultra-thin materials to innovating for new industry applications, our focus is on leading the way in technological innovation. Our approach combines this cutting-edge knowledge with a deep understanding of client needs, ensuring that each project is executed with utmost precision and care.

Industries We Serve

Our reputation for precision and innovation has earned us the trust of Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of sectors. Our femto laser technology has been instrumental in advancing many industries, each with its unique challenges and requirements.

Our expertise extends beyond these sectors. We’re not just servicing industries; we’re enabling innovation. From resizing silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry to intricately cutting patterns on touchscreens for consumer electronics, our applications are diverse. 

We constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible with laser technology, adapting and evolving our techniques to meet the ever-changing needs of these dynamic industries. Our commitment to precision and versatility makes us a trusted partner in various sectors, helping to drive forward technological advancements and innovation.


The aerospace industry relies on us for manufacturing components that require extreme precision. Our lasers are used for cutting and engraving specialized aerospace materials, contributing to the innovation in aircraft and spacecraft design.


We specialize in crafting flex circuits, etching defrost circuits, precision trimming of resistor sensors, detailed etching on side mirrors, and a variety of other critical automotive processes. Our technology ensures precision and efficiency in these essential manufacturing steps.


In the medical field, our lasers are used for creating precise components for medical devices and surgical instruments. These applications demand the highest standards of accuracy and reliability, which femto lasers can provide.

Transducer Sensor

In this field, our lasers aid in the fabrication of sensitive components. These components require meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy and functionality.

Solar Cell

We contribute to the solar energy sector by scribing photovoltaic cells. Our femto lasers allow for fine patterning, which is essential for efficient solar cell design and production.


In micro-electronics, our lasers play a critical role in circuitry design and fabrication. From cutting thin films to etching micro-scale patterns, our technology meets the exacting demands of this industry.

Touchscreen Fabricators

For touchscreen fabricators, our femto lasers cut and pattern conductive materials on screens, achieving the high precision necessary for today’s advanced touchscreen technologies.

Universities and Research

We’ve collaborated with renowned universities and research and development centers—including Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Lawrence Livermore National Lab—in developing various laser electrical components, advancing medical technology, and contributing to a range of innovative research projects.

Capabilities of Our Laser Services

Laser Hole Drilling

Our laser hole drilling service excels in creating high-quality micro holes across a wide array of materials. Utilizing an extensive range of laser beam pulses and wavelengths, we adeptly drill micro holes in diverse mediums including metals, polymers, and glass, ensuring precision in every application.

Laser Resistor Trimming

Our laser resistor trimming and metal laser cutting services are tailored to meet your specific patterning needs. With our advanced laser-cutting technology, we guarantee stability and accuracy for a wide range of materials, ensuring that your resistors and custom parts meet the highest standards of precision.

Laser Scribing and Cutting

Experience unmatched accuracy and precision with our laser scribing and cutting services. Harnessing both infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, our technique is versatile enough to handle various materials, from the most delicate to the hardest, and adaptable to any thickness. Our process is designed to keep the material intact and pristine throughout the cutting operation.

Thin-Film Laser Etching

Our laser thin-film etching services are at the forefront of the industry, offering automated, precise patterning without compromising material integrity. Ideal for a multitude of applications, from medical devices to cell phones, our laser technology efficiently works on various materials, creating conductive patterns essential for directing electrical signals accurately.

Wafer Laser Coring, Dicing, and Resizing

Transform silicon wafers with our laser coring, dicing, and resizing services. Opting for lasers instead of mechanical methods provides a less invasive approach, allowing for a diverse range of shapes and sizes, including curves and bends. Our two-step process is meticulously designed to minimize debris and reduce thermal impact, ensuring optimal results.


At Laserod, micromachining with our femto lasers is an art form, blending unmatched precision with groundbreaking innovation. Far exceeding the scope of traditional cutting or drilling, our technology works adeptly across a spectrum of materials, from robust metals to delicate polymers, adapting to their unique characteristics for optimal results. These lasers are more than just tools; they’re catalysts for innovation, driving advancements in miniaturization and various fields such as microelectronics, biomedical devices, and nanotechnology. Our dedication to precision and versatility is reshaping manufacturing, turning once-impossible ideas into reality.

Put Our Lasers to Work For You

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Femtosecond Laser Cutter Do?

Femtosecond laser cutters provide high-precision cutting and engraving, ideal for materials where traditional lasers might cause damage. They are especially effective for detailed, intricate designs, offering a level of accuracy that other cutting methods cannot match.

How Are Femto Lasers Better Than Traditional Lasers?

Femto lasers excel in unparalleled precision, minimal heat damage, and versatility across materials. Their ability to produce extremely fine details without compromising the integrity of the material makes them superior for delicate applications.

How Does Laserod’s Femto Laser Technology Compare to Others?

Our femto laser technology is distinguished by its advanced precision and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It stands out for its ability to handle complex tasks that require nuanced control and finesse, which is not always achievable with other laser technologies.

How Precise is the Cutting Process?

The cutting process is exceptionally precise, and capable of intricate work on the smallest scales. This precision allows for the creation of components with extremely tight tolerances, essential in high-tech industries where every micron matters.

Do Femtosecond Lasers Cut Metal?

Yes, femtosecond lasers can efficiently cut metals, along with plastics and ceramics. They are particularly useful for cutting thin or delicate metal components, where traditional cutting methods might compromise the material’s integrity.

What Industries Do You Serve?

We cater to a wide array of sectors, including medical, aerospace, electronics, and more. Our versatility allows us to adapt our technology to meet the specific needs of each industry, ensuring optimal results regardless of the application.

What Are Femtosecond Laser Cutters Used For?

Femtosecond laser cutters are used for high-precision machining in diverse applications, from micro-electronics to aerospace components.

Why Should I Work With Laserod?

Choose Laserod for our unmatched precision, state-of-the-art technology, and unwavering commitment to quality. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with laser technology makes us a trusted partner in achieving exceptional results.

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