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Custom Laser Systems

Laser System Integration — Custom Lasers

Laser system integration typically involves programming software-controlled laser equipment with beam delivery optics and a motion control device to perform the exact operation required for your product or application. If your job requires mechanical fixturing for enhanced throughput, we will modify our process and techniques until the results meet your specifications and expectations.

System Integration of Laser Tools – some notable examples follow. 

1. Jet Plane Cockpit Window Patterning – Model DLP-2

machine workers with custom laser machining system

Custom Laser Machining System

For Direct Laser Patterning of transparent conductive coatings on Boeing 787   cockpit windows – – The application was developed in our job shop over a five year time span with incremental improvements including a contour-following precise laser focuser to etch laser lines in the coatings on glass or plastic. Upon winning the 787 order, the Boeing supplier purchased this gantry based UV laser system. The Z-follower focuser was an air-bearing design. The laser was a frequency tripled UV solid-state type.

For more information on a Data Sheet go here

2.  High Production Patterning Touch Screens – Model DLP-4

custom automated laser patterning system

Custom Automated Laser Patterning System

For High Throughput  Laser Patterning of touch panel displays – dual galvo design with machine vision and load shuttle to speed up production three times that of DLP-3. Patterns glass plates or plastic sheets, which are automatically loaded and unloaded on the Load Shuttle device. Fiducial registration is optional via machine vision. Depending on your required minimum laser line width, either a UV or IR laser is supplied.

For more information on a Data Sheet go here

3. Patterning Touch Screens – Model DLP-3

direct light patterning machine

Direct Light Patterning Machine

For Direct Laser Patterning of touch panel displays — Gantry design combining speed close to that of a galvo but with the high accuracy of an XY stage. Speed and accuracy come from linear motors on both an overhead X-stage that goes side-to-side carrying the focusing and viewing optics  and a lower parts carrying Y-stage that goes in-and-out. Unlike the galvo, accuracy does not depend on part size. Galvos are a good choice for high volume production of the same part while gantries are good for moderately high production, R&D prototyping and are good for more versatility in parts. The gantry design has the advantage of magnified viewing optics whereas the galvo design cannot accommodate through-the-lens magnified viewing.  Viewing is the basis of the gantry being good for R&D and parts versatility. The laser is a choice between high speed IR solid-state fiber type with minimum feature size of 15 microns and UV frequency tripled solid-state diode pumped having minimum features of 10 microns.

For more information on a Data Sheet go here

4. Direct Laser Patterning Tool – Model DLP-1

custom automated laser patterning system

Custom Patterning Machine

Galvanometer scanner with long X-axis stage to increase throughput for high speed individual patterning of small to medium field size displays coupled with an X-stage to move the part – basically a step and repeat design comprising a two-axis galvo to position the beam anywhere over a 50″ long X-axis stage which carries the part. It is similar to a gantry design but it is not to be confused with a gantry. It is a combination galvo and stage.

5. Laser Trimmer – Model LPS-T

micromachining system

LPS Micromachining System

For Trimming of Hybrid Resistors both thick- and thin-film, passive or active trimming. Typically supplied with Agilent DMM and two XYZ micropositioner probes.

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Watch a video on a related product, Model MEL-40:

6. Solar Panel Resizer – Model SPR

solar cell cutting machine

Solar Cell Cutting Machine

For resizing of large solar panels – Features a Q-switched solid-state YAG type laser and fast linear motors in a gantry design. X-axis is an overhead moving beam. The solar panel rests on the lower (separate) Y-axis and moves with it.  For a Solar Panel Resizer Data Sheet, go here

7. Laser Delete Tool, A Micron Trace Cutter – Model DEL

close-up image of micromachining

Micromachining System

For spot repairs of shorts and bridges in photomasks, displays, hybrids and other circuits. In operation the laser fires single pulse by pressing a foot switch. This ablates typical spot diameters of 1-10 microns. Any material is removed even silicon nitride passivation. Pulse repetition rates are single shot to 50 Hz.  For a Laser Delete Tool Data Sheet, go here.