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A Laserod speciality is coring (resizing), dicing and scribing of silicon wafers, substrates, and laser machining silicon devices such as sensors, detectors, and solar cells

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Laserod laser cores or resizes silicon wafers by downsizing large semiconductor wafers to smaller ones. Laserod also laser machines silicon sensors, solar cells, MEMS and other photovoltaic devices as shown below. We also do silicon wafer dicing by laser scribing, which is a two step scribe and break process to convert a wafer into dice, aka “chips”.

For information on laser hole drilling in silicon – go HERE.

Our standard kerf loss in coring, dicing or cutting is 30 microns. 10um is available on special order.

Laserod’s Wafer Processing Services Include:

Standard Wafer Coring Services:

  • Typically silicon, other materials are acceptable.
  • Resizing, coring, downsizing from 300mm max diameter to any smaller size and any wafer thickness up to 2mm.
  • Cut flats or notches
  • Tolerance on notches or flats is +/- 0.025mm
  • Gringing, typically a rounded edge or bevel
  • Video registration through the laser focusing lens, giving a magnified view of the worksite.  Laserod can register/align to circuitry, fiducial marks or on streets and avenues such as for dicing (see below).

Other Silicon Wafer Services include:

  • Laser marking an ID on laser resized wafers
  • Polishing
  • Thinning by grinding/polishing
  • Hole drilling
  • Laser dicing or singulating
  • Topside or bottom side laser cutting, dicing, singulating or scribing
  • Anti-static mats
  • Wrist straps for ESD prevention
  • ESD dicing film

Laserod minimizes contaminants using a vacuum collection device. However, this is primarily used in laser scribing, not cutting. Laser debris on top of the wafer, especially after cutting, can be further minimized by use of a protective layer of photoresist which is then cleaned off by our customer.

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