Laser Micro Machining Companies

Laser micromachining is a somewhat generic term for a laser cutting process that is used to make exceptionally small features in various parts. Typically, the small features laser cut into the parts are measured in units of millimeters or micrometers, but that is not always the case. This process is done by trained and certified professionals who have a specialized skill set, which is important to have when operating a high powered laser. Pulsed lasers are the type of lasers that are usually used during this cutting process. Since a laser is being used in the process, tiny parts and measurements are not a problem. The precision of this type of micromachining can’t be beaten by any other cutting process, and it is cost effective. The laser can be used for cutting, drilling, or scribing on just about any type of material desired.

Precision Laser Machining Services

laser micromachiningAnyone who is looking for laser micromachining services should only rely on the professional team at Laserod. This one of a kind service provider has a long history of providing superior laser machining services that are precise and affordable. Not many other companies offer the same extensive menu of machining services that can be found at Laserod. The technicians have years of experience doing this type of work, which means you can count on real time results that are effective and cost friendly. The laser used in the various types of machining processes depends and can vary from type to type. For example, the laser cutting and machining silicon abilities offered by Laserod require the use of either green, IR, hi power, or UV lasers. The services available from this one of a kind company leave little to be desired in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

Specializing in Ten Different Applications

At Laserod, we specialize in ten different applications, such as laser cutting thin metals and precision laser machining. Thin material micromachining is just one of the areas that we are experts in at Laserod. Our team of trained professionals can also help with coring silicon wafers, in addition to laser patterning services. Our capabilities are practically limitless due to our exclusive access to state of the art laser cutting and machining equipment. No other company can offer the same dedication to excellence and commitment to quality that we do at Laserod. We are so confident in our services that we proudly stand behind them without faltering. Our laser services can be used on a variety of materials, which is one of the reasons why our customers love our services so much.

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