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For over forty years, Laserod and its predecessor companies have provided laser micromachining products and services to many of the largest industrial corporations and most prestigious universities in the world.

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Laserod has recently been working with Stanford University to laser process a part destined for a South Pole Telescope that is exploring the origins of the universe. The telescope, called BICEP 2 (an acronym for (Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization), the second in the series of BICEP telescopes, is within walking distance of the geographic South Pole. The BICEP telescopes probe the origins of the universe by studying Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) light, the afterglow from the Big Bang.

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Laserod’s Production Division specializes in high resolution, small spot size laser machining and silicon wafer resizing for semiconductor, medical, solar and microelectronics applications, as well as patterning for the display industry. Laserod is a pioneer in maskless fast prototyping of laser patterns on a broad variety of substrates, especially touch panels, using a direct write, environmentally friendly high isolation process.


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Laserod’s Systems Division builds and integrates a full line of diode and fiber laser micromachining equipment for uses that include silicon wafer resizing, resistor trimming, cutting thin metals and plastics, scribing substrates of alumina and silicon, resistor trimming, and patterning thin films such as ITO on glass or plastic. Equipment configurations range from small R&D; lasers to larger production capable machines.

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The Laserod technical and sales staffs have decades of experience matching laser applications to the most demanding customer requirements. As laser technology continually advances into more high volume manufacturing environments, Laserod often serves as consultants to assist our customers optimize their production throughput. Please feel free to call, or send a drawing, for free advice and a quote on a complete system or job shop services.