About Laserod

Laserod provides a variety of laser cutting and micromachining services for clients all over the world. From drilling and cutting thin materials for industrial products, to using  high end femtosecond lasers for medical devices, aerospace components, semiconductor applications as well as many other laser fabrication needs.

Our Experience

With over 40 years of experience in the laser-cutting industry, we have developed an efficient laser-cutting process to provide you with the highest quality products and services. We have served a variety of industries over the years, including many of the largest industrial corporations and medical organizations, as well as the most prestigious universities in the world.

Our Technology

At Laserod, we use state-of-the-art technology to provide fast, precise laser-cutting services on a variety of materials, including thin metals, plastics, ceramics, composites, and many more. Our laboratory and production facilities have the latest laser technology combined with our team of highly skilled engineers and operators ensuring that your project is finished quickly with the highest quality. 

Our Commitment to Quality

At Laserod, we take pride in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We aim to provide each of our clients with the best laser cutting and micromachining services. As pioneers in the laser-cutting industry, we ensure that our clients are always satisfied with our work. We understand that every project is unique, and that’s where our “Passion for Precision” inspires us to deliver services that will help drive your business forward.

Choose Your Application

  • ico laser hole drilling Laser Hole Drilling - Drill high-quality micro holes on a broad range of materials with our laser hole drilling services. We employ a full array of laser beam pulses and wavelengths to all kinds of micro holes on various mediums like metals, polymers, glass, and many other materials. Learn More
  • laser resister trimming Laser Resistor Trimming Services - Create your desired pattern with our laser resistor trimming and metal laser cutting services. No matter the requirement, our laser-cutting service for resistors and other custom parts ensures stability and accuracy for almost any material. Learn More
  • ico laser cutting scribing Laser Scribing and Cutting Services - Cut materials with accuracy and precision with our laser cutting and scribing services. Using infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, we cut different materials, from delicate to hard, to any type of material thickness. Our laser-cutting process ensures that the material remains undamaged and in pristine condition. Learn More
  • laser thin icon Our Thin-Film Laser Etching Services - Create your desired pattern with our laser thin-film etching services. As pioneers in the laser etching business, we’ve perfected our process to be automated and accurate, without damaging the material. No matter the requirement, be it for medical devices to cell phones, our laser technology works on a range of materials to give you the intended conductive pattern that ensures electrical signals go where they’re needed. Learn More
  • laser wafer resizing Wafer Laser Coring, Dicing and Resizing - Resize, dice, and scribe silicon wafers with our resizing and coring services. By using lasers over mechanical tools, we provide a less damaging method that can cut various shapes and sizes, even curves and bend lines. Our two-step process results in minimal debris and low thermal impact. Learn More

Industries We Serve

At Laserod, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional laser cutting and micromachining services to a variety of industries. Over the years, we’ve developed and enhanced our processes to meet the varying demands of our clients, ensuring that all our laser-cutting projects meet the highest standards for quality and accuracy.

  • laserod aerospace services Aerospace & Defense - We have worked with NASA and its subcontractors for the manufacturing of spacecraft parts and components. Our laser-cutting services are also used in the aerospace and defense industry for high-precision military components, from aircraft to missile systems. Learn More
  • laserod automotive services Automotive - Our laser cutting service and micromachining solutions are used for creating flex circuits, etching defrost circuits, trimming resistor sensors, etching side mirrors, and many other automotive manufacturing processes. Learn More
  • medical and biotech laser services Our Biotech and Medical Laser cutting services - Our picosecond and femtosecond lasers are compliant with the most updated Federal Drug Administration (FDA) standards, ideal for the manufacturing of various medical devices such as lasers for cataract surgery, surgical stents, medical implants, and more. Learn More
  • ico semicondictors Semiconductor Lasers - Semiconductor components require laser cutters that can process materials with minimum thermal damage and zero debris. Our laser-cutting process ensures these requirements are met, making it ideal for a wide range of semiconductor applications. Learn More
  • ico solar Solar - The solar power industry requires laser cutting and micromachining processes that are precise and capable of working with thin substrates. Our services provide the stability and accuracy to create solar cell components and other related parts. Learn More
  • ico telecommunications Telecommunications - As the telecommunications industry has grown and changed, Laserod has been there to help it do so. Our precision lasers allow satellite technology and communications towers become smaller, but more effective. Learn More
  • ico touch screen panels Touch Panel Displays - The touch panel display industry requires laser cutting services for the fabrication of capacitive and resistive sensors, as well as other components. We cater to a versatile array of touch panel display materials, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency you require. Learn More
  • medical and biotech icon Universities & Research - We have worked with the most prestigious universities and R&D centers like Stanford University,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Lawrence Livermore National Lab for the creation of various laser electrical components, medical technology, and other research projects. Learn More

The Laserod Advantage

Whether you need laser cutting services for industrial, consumer, medical, or custom projects, Laserod has the experience and technology to handle any job. With our state-of-the-art laser systems and experienced team of engineers and operators, you get the benefits of quality, safety, speed, cost-efficiency, and accuracy:

  • Quality – Our services are designed to provide the highest quality laser cutting and micromachining results for any type of project.  
  • Safety – Our processes are ISO-certified and we adhere to all safety standards, ensuring that your project is in safe hands.
  • Speed – We offer fast turnaround times for all projects. We also cater to rush order requests when needed.
  • Cost-efficiency – We offer cost-effective solutions for any project without cutting corners on quality.
  • Accuracy – Our laser-cutting machines provide cutting accuracy down to the micron level.