Smart Delivery Lockers

Luxer One is the world’s leader in smart delivery lockers. Our lockers are designed and manufactured using the latest in cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest level of security and convenience.

Whether you need a locker for your retail store, mail center, office, library or university, Luxer One has a variety of locker types and options to fit any application. Our smart delivery lockers provide secure storage with easy and convenient access to parcels and packages.

Our lockers are built with the latest in smart technology, including high-tech locks and proprietary software integration with Apple products. These features make our lockers an ideal choice for any business or organization that wants to provide secure storage for parcels and packages without sacrificing convenience.

Our easy-to-use software makes it easy to manage and operate the lockers, enabling you to monitor access and control how each user interacts with them.

How We Make Smart Delivery Lockers

We understand that no two locations are exactly the same, so we offer a variety of custom options for our smart delivery lockers. Whether you need a locker that is completely enclosed or one that has an open front for easy access, Luxer One has the perfect solution for you. We also offer options such as temperature-controlled storage, remote access control and automated lighting to make sure your locker is always secure and ready to go.

How to Choose Your Smart Delivery Lockers

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Luxer One is a leading provider of high-tech, smart delivery lockers. Our lockers are designed to fit any application including residential, retail, mail center, university, office, library and architects. We utilize our proprietary software and hardware integration to ensure compatibility with Apple products. 

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