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Display Patterning Systems

Laser Patterning Systems

Our Laser Systems Run the Full Spectrum

FROM: Standard Systems

LPS micromachining system

LPS Micromachining System

TO: Custom High Production Systems

machine workers with custom laser machining system

Custom Automated Laser Patterning System


For your laser machine tool (System Integration) needs Laserod custom tailors solutions for your laser application.

Laser systems range from  high power applications like cutting and drilling to low power such as patterning thin films and marking. If your interest is in higher power cutting, drilling, scribing, etc. please go to https://laserod.com/products/.

Laserod offers two basic configurations of laser patterning systems:  LPS Series with XY stage to move the display part with fixed optics, and SPS Series galvo moving beam over a fixed part .

The LPS with XY stage comes with on-axis through the lens video viewing for a magnified image of work in progress.  Video magnified viewing is essential for prototyping and frequent pattern setup changes. A video camera looks through a laser focusing lens – similar to a SLR camera.  SPS Galvo systems can be supplied with off-axis video viewing but usually are pure production machines with infrequent pattern changes. Another option is the “frozen mirror”, temporarily locked galvo mirrors for video viewing through the optics.

Our standard laser systems use solid-state YAG lasers available with choices of IR (infrared), green and UV (ultraviolet) and as fiber, or diode laser types. We recommend the best designs for your application(s) and custom engineer each system to optimize performance, tailored to your requirements.

Valuable Benefits

Important value-added features of Laserod’s system integration include:

  • On site installation, commissioning and training
  • Software, applications know-how
  • Technical consulting
  • Ongoing after sale and applications support
LPS micromachining system
LPS Micromachining System
LPS and SPS Series

Laser Systems for Versatile Laser Machining

Shown above is Laserod’s standard design laser system, Model LPS-300. It is easy to use and compact so as to conserve valuable floor space. Typical applications in addition to display patterning are silicon wafer resizing, drilling vias, solar cell cutting, stencil cutting, PCB flexible circuit singulation, and precision ceramic machining.


LPS-300 (Direct Laser Patterning for prototyping and R&D)
Features a fixed beam with XY stage, and one of three types of lasers:  IR, green or UV. The X/Y stage moves the glass plate or plastic sheet beneath a stationary focused laser beam. It features ultra high accuracy and relatively low throughput because the stage is slower than moving galvo mirrors. Available with IR fiber laser, or with green or UV diode lasers. Green is used for chrome on glass, UV for 10um feature size, and fiber for other applications.

SPS Series for Direct Laser Patterning
Features a galvanometer (galvo) overhead fast moving beam, and one of three types of lasers: IR, green or UV. An optional XY stage is used where both accuracy and high throughput production are required. IR fiber lasers provide an impressive set of advantages compared to other lasers: lowest cost, longest life, lowest operating cost and highest speed.

Laser System Integration — Custom Lasers
To view five custom laser tools – click here
Laser system integration typically involves programming software-controlled laser equipment with beam delivery optics and a motion control device (such as a galvo and/or an X-Y stage) to perform the exact operation required for your product or application. If your job requires mechanical fixturing for enhanced throughput, we will modify our process and techniques until the results meet your specifications and expectations—call it Applications R&D!

We perform system integration, typically after proof of performance in our shop. Our integrator professionals have over thirty years experience building and integrating lasers to meet your precise specifications.


We integrate lasers, motion devices, computer hardware, power distribution drawer or box, software and optics into a fully functional laser machining tool. It goes without saying that “Know How” is our stock in trade.

We suggest you have us process your part first as proof of principle, then run lots to prove out performance, throughput, and quality. The Laserod Production Division works hand in glove with our Systems Team.

Laser Engines Supplied:

  • fiber (solid-state)
  • diode(solid-state)
  • (solid-state) Nd:YAG
  • sealed CO2 (gas)
  • excimers (gas)
  • picosecond (solid-state)
Laser Wavelengths: UV to IR, 0.355 to 10.6 microns

Beam Directing and Shaping Optics:

  • Galvanometer (galvo) or Fixed Beam
  • On-axis through the lens viewing is standard with fixed beam optics
  • Off-axis viewing as galvo option
  • Air Bearing Z-follower and Dual Beam Optics as options to Fixed Beam Optics
Motion Devices:
  •  Galvo to move beam, 2- or 3-axis
  • X-Y stage to move part, a 2-axis laser motion system
  • X-Y-Z stage, X-Y for part,  Z for beam, a 3-axis type
  • Combination galvo and X-Y, a 4- or 5-axis motion system
  •  X-Y stage options:  crossed roller bearing, air-bearing, linear optical encoders, crossed roller bearings with linear motors, air-bearings with linear motors and optical encoders
  • Rotary parts motion
  • Roll-to-Roll web converters

Structures: Supporting frames of welded steel or light weight extruded aluminum, mounting plates of anodized aluminum or granite

Computer: PC with software optimized for your application. CADCAM as option


  •  Prototype
  • Production
  • Robotics, machine vision, parts handling, automation controls for conveyor belt, parts loader, web, etc.

Note: We select components to optimize both application and budget.

Laser System with beam delivery optics
The Laserod modular Laser Work Station comprises laser + housing + optics + frame + XY table + PC + software + electronics cabinet + safety enclosure + options (trepanner, nozzle, telescope, vacuum head, gas blanket, robotics, etc.).

Additional Details:

  • SOFTWARE — Customized Screen Shot with G-code for your operator and optional picture to part DXF download direct to the laser machine from your drawing.
  •  Optics Head for Fixed Laser Beam Delivery with Video Through the Lens Viewing — includes beam bender, focuser, safety cover, and optional gas jet nozzle. Magnified TV viewing standard on fixed beam systems.
  • Optics Head for Galvo Beam Delivery — includes beam bender, focuser, and safety cover. Off-axis or frozen mirror video viewing optional.
  • Beam Expanding Laser Telescope – variable zoom expansion ratio with computer controlled motorized zoom.
  • Gas Nozzle Jet — utilizes air pressure to assist laser cutting.
  • X-Y Translating Stage — moves the part with Fixed Beam  Optics Head.