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Pico Laser Cutting Company

Pico Laser Cutting Company

Pico laser cutting is now a common application when dealing with delicate materials that more primitive methods are clumsy with. In particular, semiconductor manufacturers will use them when resizing or modifying silicon-based products. A company that has the right equipment and experience may be contracted to make precise cuts or drilling for your project.

What is pico laser cutting?

The idea of pico laser cutting is to deliver precise and pico-sized cuts to a surface while minimizing damage to the material. Usually, a fixed laser beam will work with a moving material base so that your pattern will be precisely cut.

Cutting components for electronics, cameras, and mobile phones are big industries for any pico laser cutting company. These may use picosecond lasers or QCW lasers to deliver precise cuts for thin pieces of glass.

The cutting of silicon is also doable with a pico laser. With picosecond lasers or QCW lasers, you may reduce the size of wafers, create stencils, or even cut down solar cells.

How is a laser used in wafer resizing?

Lasers are used to downsize silicon wafers by cutting these semiconductors into smaller ones. Aside from computer components, it is also used for resizing solar cells, sensors and photovoltaic devices.

When wafers need to be diced, scribing needs to be done at a very deep depth. The other challenge is to go deep without making the whole piece break. This is where a laser may be used for scribing so that this delicate procedure doesn’t fall apart. Rounding out the edges of resized wafers should also be done to prevent chipping.

Just like in any other process dealing with electronics, ESD prevention must be administered correctly. This includes using wrist straps for employees, ESD film, ant-static mats in working areas, and ionized air guns.

What are some applications of a picosecond laser?

Picosecond lasers are utilized in industrial settings to modify surfaces, make precision cuts or to reduce the size of certain materials. It is great for microelectronics, medical equipment or other scientific applications.

With micromachining, compact lasers are ideal when working with photonic applications or ablation. A pico laser cutting company will likely use something like a femtosecond fiber laser to get a job done quickly and efficiently.

In biophotonics, ANTARE or ALTAIR lasers will be used along with advanced imaging technology. It may be used with medical or life science research applications and are found in some of the largest labs in the world.

Is pico laser cutting good for thin flex glass?

Glass is a material that has its benefits, especially considering its chemical resistance, but can be quite delicate to cut or drill. According to a study conducted by Optics and Lasers in Engineering, pico laser cutting did a great job at cutting or drilling through certain thicknesses of glass.

Delicately cutting materials using a picosecond laser is something that should be handled by a professional. If you need pico laser cutting services for wafer resizing, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

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