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Pico Laser Cutting CA

Pico Laser Cutting CA

Lasers are intense beams of light capable of cutting with extreme precision. Built for commercialization in the 60s, they were originally used for cutting sheet metal. Since then, lasers have evolved dramatically and have become extraordinarily powerful and efficient. Today, they have become essential in various manufacturing applications.

The process of Pico laser cutting is nowadays a common application especially when modifying or resizing silicon-based products. Pico laser cutting in CA focuses on micromachining. Micromachining is a process of manufacturing micro products, and it can only be done by using special machines, for example, making a hole less than 2.5mm, which we can do here at Laserod.

What is Pico Laser Cutting?

Pico laser cutting involves minimization of lost material during the cutting process, minimization of damage caused by heating, and the precision of the cut placement; while at the same time attaining the maximum possible speed in processing.

Achieving a high cut quality is determined by the application and depends on the laser system and the micromachining system configuration.

Based on the application, a fixed beam together with the moving part under the beam is used to create the preferred machining pattern.

Applications of Pico cutting include:

  • Silicon Cutting

Available solutions include machining wafers with smaller diameters from larger ones, stencil cutting, or solar-cell downsizing.

  • Metal Dicing

Dicing metal wafers including stainless steel, moly, copper, and copper-tungsten is done on thin films and wafers using Laserod’s proprietary technology. Proprietary shaped and standard focused beams are used to optimize the quality and throughput of beam delivery in metal dicing.  

  • Sapphire Cutting

Sapphire cutting is common in mobile device applications. The processes include sensor window opening within display covers and display cover singulating. Sapphire thickness ranges from 0.1 mm to 3.0 mm.

  • Ceramic Cutting

Laserod’s systems can perform thermal and ablative ceramic scribing and cutting.

Which Laser Cutting Services Do We Offer?

We manufacture our laser systems, with the S and P series being the most popular. We also offer both new and used laser systems. Our lasers can cut through 25mm thin copper without any thermal damage to the material.

In addition, our lasers cut materials ranging from silicon to glass to diamond while still maintaining the most precise angle and size. They also have the ability to inscribe serial numbers on micro products. We have different types of lasers. Our lasers range from high powered to low powered so as to achieve the desired effect.

Laserod’s solid-state lasers use “solid materials” like ruby glass and YAG which are crystals that can also be modified. We have gas lasers that use CO2, Helium, and Neon. Here at Laserod, we prefer solid-state lasers as they are far more compact. They also have a shorter wavelength which means they have a narrower cutting width which is great for precision. 

In Need of Pico Cutting Services?

Laserod has a high level of experience in Pico laser cutting in CA. We specialize in cutting different materials including silicon, metals, sapphire, ceramics, and other materials. With a wide selection of laser sources, Laserod is well-positioned to meet any demanding Pico cutting requirements. Contact us today using our toll-free number 888-991-9916.


Pico Laser Cutting CA
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