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Laserod is an expert when it comes to precision medical machining. Our proprietary laser technology allow us to cut, etch & pattern 2-D & 3-D surfaces as thin as 2mm and as large as 2 meters wide by 2.2 meters long, with tolerances of +/- 5um.

We have worked with multiple medical applications, from machining stents to laser cutting medical tubing such as catheters, to etching and drilling medical devices like pacemakers and even creating microfluidics. 

Our lasers can work with any materials without burning or extra debris, especially medical grade steels like titanium, stainless steel, and medical tubing material like HDPE, UHMW and any other plastic.


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Medical Machining Services


  • Typically titanium, UMHW or HDPE tubing, other materials are acceptable.
  • Laser tube cutting
  • Stent machining
  • MEMS implantable medical devices
  • Video registration through the laser focusing lens, giving a magnified view of the worksite. Laserod can register/align to circuitry, fiducial marks or on streets and avenues such as for dicing (see below).
  • We can clean materials after machining (if needed). Laser debris can be further minimized by use of a protective layer of photoresist which is then cleaned off by our customer.


Our excellent R&D team allows us to work with any material, even experimental. If you need special accommodations for your materials such as NDAs or even experimental laser services, we can work with you.

Additional Services:

  • Anti-static mats
  • Wrist straps for ESD prevention
  • ESD dicing film
  • Laser marking individual materials
  • Combination of services such as cutting & patterning.

Locations We Service


We can work with anyone in the world! We offer quick turnaround with major markets in the US like Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Boston, New York and more! Not only that, we are used to working with clients in Mexico and Canada.