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Marsh Master Vehicles

Marsh Master Vehicles


At Wilco Manufacturing, LLC, we have evaluated and tested hundreds of amphibious excavators, including swamp buggies and marsh masters. From performance to acceleration and maneuverability, we have tested it all. Therefore, we can offer consumers great insights into what they should look for when shopping for marsh masters or wetland equipment rentals. With many years of collected data on marsh excavator services and a staff of experienced swamp-buggy enthusiasts, we can provide detailed guides on what you should look for in a marsh master.

Loan Preapproval

Get preapproved for a loan before you visit a marsh master dealer in your area. The preapproval may come from a bank, online lender, or credit union. Getting a loan from an institution outside the marsh master dealership enables you to determine the vehicle you can afford objectively. Take this step before a salesperson woos you with the latest limited model marsh master with nice gadgets and features.

Loan preapproval can also reveal problems with your credit. Therefore, be sure to remove inaccurate information from your credit report and build up your credit score before you start shopping for a marsh master. In addition, shop around for the best rate; some people get high-interest rates because of their dismal creditworthiness. Marsh master dealerships are allowed to increase the interest rates they offer to you way beyond what you qualify for. In the end, you may pay way more interest than you should.

Loan preapproval could play an essential role in the marsh master buying process because it could help you negotiate a better rate. For instance, if you are preapproved at 5.5 percent, and the dealer offers a 4.5, it would probably be a good idea to take the offer. However, make sure the loan period and down payment remain the same.

There are many unscrupulous lending entities online. Therefore, consider getting preapproved by a mainstream lending institution such as a credit union, bank, or any other recognizable lender.

Simplicity is Key

Please keep it simple once you arrive at the marsh master dealership. Focus on one thing at a time and avoid divulging a lot to the salesperson. Price negotiation is a game, and you want to keep your cards close to your chest.

The salesperson will want to know whether you want to trade in a marsh master and if you want to get a loan preapproval through the dealership. You do not need to provide them with this information. If you negotiate a reasonable price on the marsh master, the salesperson may increase the interest rate to boost profits on your trade-in.

Research the value of your trade-in. See what people near you are asking for your marsh master model. After that, start talking about the trade-in once you negotiate the price. Walk away or buy a marsh master without the trade-in if you feel the dealership is lowballing you on your old marsh master. There are many options out there. In addition, avoid buying expensive add-ons at the dealership.

Are you looking for an amphibious excavator rental service in Lafayette, LA? Please contact our marsh buggies sales representatives at 337-235-1715 or 1-800-253-0869 to get a free estimate.

Marsh Master Vehicles
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