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At A+ Sliding Door Repair, we use the best quality materials for sliding door repairs. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are the #1 LA sliding glass door repair provider.

Why does my sliding glass door track filled with water?

Thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and snow can cause water intrusion problems, especially if you have sliding doors. Poorly sealed sliding doors can cause such issues. Sliding doors have metal tracks in the bottom and at the top of the window or door frame. The best way to prevent water seepage into the house is to keep these tracks free of debris. Accumulated dirt and debris in tracks can lead to misalignment between doors and the track. Such a misalignment often causes water to seep into the home.

One way to prevent water leaks through sliding doors is to install weatherstripping. However, be sure to use one continuous strip to jam the entire door. If you still face leak issues, talk to an expert to examine the cause of water intrusion through your sliding doors.

Can you adjust a sliding glass door?

While it may be possible to adjust small-level sliding glass door problems, it takes patience and a little bit of technical know-how to get the job done. Here are some tips on how to self-fix your sliding door:

  • Clean the track - Remove and clean the dirt and grime in the sliding door tracks using a toothbrush or wire brush. Cleaning the tracks to solve the issue of misalignment in your sliding door
  • Lubricate the track - Buy a WD-40 or any silicone-based lubricant from a hardware store or home depot and spray it on the track. These are inexpensive and are worth a try
  • Adjusting the door rollers - The adjustable rollers at the bottom of the door could be causing an issue with the doors’ free movement. You can use a screwdriver to adjust the roller height either up or down until the door glides perfectly.

If you find these steps intimidating, you can always contact an expert in LA sliding glass door repair to fix the issue for you. We offer the best repairs solution in fixing aluminum, steel, and glass sliding doors.

Advantages of a sliding door

Sliding doors offer a lot of functional benefits for homeowners. Homeowners and architects prefer sliding doors because they offer maximum natural light into your homes and are great space savers. Sliding doors are a big hit because they act as efficient insulators. These doors play a vital part in keeping your home warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

Furthermore, sliding doors with composite gaskets are great thermal insulators and act as weather and sound barriers. Such doors keep dust and rainwater out of your home even during harsh winters.

A+ Sliding Door Repair is a trusted company for LA sliding glass door repair. Call us today for long-lasting sliding door repairs at affordable prices. We are a bunch of skilled technicians that offer sliding door repair services in short duration.

La Sliding Glass Door Repair

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