Laser Hole Drilling

Laserod specializes in micro hole drilling down to 5 micron diameter on a wide variety of materials.

Micro Hole Drilling

Laser hole drilling of small/micro diameter and high quality holes in a broad variety of materials is a continuing demand of today’s high tech industries. Laserod employs a full array of lasers in every pulse width and wave length to drill micro holes, vias, buried vias, blind vias, hole arrays, and specialized portals as small as a few microns with submicron positional tolerances in a variety of materials including polymers, metals, ceramics, glass, PCBs, and even diamonds.

Over nearly four decades, Laserod engineers have worked closely with our clientele to optimize micro drilling processes that deal with unique types of material, their entrance and exit tolerances, heat affected zone, desired feature geometry, hole quality, and throughput requirements.

Laserod has completed thousands of microhole and via hole drilling projects, some of which have included: medical catheters and other biotech devices, microfluidic devices, nozzles, bio-sensors, aerospace components, precision pinholes, square holes, spray orifices, injectors, and drug delivery devices. Material thickness has varied from very thin film to several millimeters, hole sizes from several microns to large diameters, and hole shapes of every possible dimension.

Laserod’s “Passion for Precision” is a commitment to producing a product that meets all of our customers’ most demanding specifications. Let us know how we can help you meet yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are typical tolerances?

Tolerances down to +/-10 microns.

What thickness of material?

Typical thickness 2mm or less.  However we also can potentially go thicker depending on material and feature sizes.  If you need thicker, please contact us.

Can you drill micro via?

Yes.  We specialize in via hole drilling.