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Laser Drilling Company Los Angeles

Laser Drilling Company Los Angeles

Laser Drilling Company in Los Angeles

Laser technology is now continuously evolving as a significant procedure for different micromachining type of services in various industries like aerospace, microelectronics, medical and health laboratories, transducer and solar sensors, touch screen technology fabrication, and a lot more.

Laserod is one of the top laser drilling company in Los Angeles that provides a wide array of technical microprocessing and fabrication which are usually use for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), cellular phone as well as digital type of cameras, RFID tags, interdigitated type of electrodes, cockpit windows for jet planes, or ablation of thin tech films like nanotubes or nanowires in carbon, silver, gold, and chrome form.

Laser Drilling and other Services

Our laser drilling company in Los Angeles specializes in laser patterning that caters highly functional circuits with embedded structures or patterns that guides electric signal to its individual purpose as contained in a plastic film or glass covered by the TCO or Transparent Conductive Oxide. TCO materials can be in a form of indium tin, gold type thin coating, carbon type nanotubes, and indium tin type which are typically utilized for architectural windshield or window fittings, flat type panels, photovoltaics, and touch tech screen. We conduct hole drilling through laser tech process for system and service integration in thin solid materials.

Using this laser structure technology provides a faster processing time limit for removing of materials, a variety of substrate or virtual coating combination, single and maskless type of processing, CAD-based alteration software, 5-micron feature size down capacity, 2m by 2m field size capacity, and econ-friendly dry etching approach.

Our wet or dry system laser processing involves a more conventional photographic procedure which is the photolithography. It has several steps starting from exposure, development, coating type of photoresist, etching thru wet chemical input, baking level, and stripping. Another etching procedure is called laser ablation which involves direct write micro process creating the latest patterns with small, medium, or large area sizes for our standard ITO type substrate components with a very limited to no environmental hazard.

Due to the higher demand for touch technology from the international market, the limited supply of ITO metal materials commonly used for android phones have provided with few alternative components with an equally competitive performance. These include carbon type nanobuds and tubes, silver type nanowire, and metal mesh materials. Aside from our products, we also provide various technical services and benefits that you can take advantage of such as the spec system customization to suitably meet your required patterns or arrangements which can ensure a better laser output performance. In addition, we also cater competitive cost of products or package rates and provide full assistance before and after the development of the product starting from prototyping up to the production level.

Contact Details

Laserod is always ready to assist you with any product related concerns and queries. You may visit our website at www.laserod.com to get more product details and options or email us at sales@laserod.com. For urgent inquiries and customer service matters, you may reach us through these phone numbers: 310 328 5869; 888 991 9916 (toll-free); 310 328 5873 (fax number).

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