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Laser Cutting Service Los Angeles

Laser Cutting Service Los Angeles

For the best laser cutting work Los Angeles has to offer let Laserod prove their work. Laserod has been the leader in laser cutting for more than 40 years. Unlike many laser cutting shops, Laserod specializes in cutting thin metals. We use single mode lasers to minimize thermal distortion. We give you the best results with high power and high precision.

Laser Cutting Thin Metals

Laserod is able to pattern the metal, cut the pattern without doing any thermal damage and laser cut with precision. There is no minimum depth to laser cutting. The maximum depth is up to 3 millimeters. Our average depth is 0.5 millimeters. The amount of material loss during the cutting process is 10 to 25 microns. There is laser debris, but only on the entrance side. The debris does not adhere and is very easy to remove. Laserod can remove the debris or you can do it with a Q-tip. styrofoam, de-ionized water or ultrasonic cleaning.

Precision Laser Machining 

Laserod is capable of laser cutting simple or complex shapes. A metal’s laser ablation creates a haze of re-deposited materials. These particulates are only a few sub-microns.

Laser Cutting and Machining Silicon

Laserod cuts, drills and scribes silicon, resize, cut flats or notches, micro-drill holes and dice silicon and MEMS devices. High laser power at a good wavelength and the beam controlled by high precision mechanics give the best results in cutting, coring, scribing channels, dicing and h drilling a hole in the silicon.

Coring Silicon Wafers

Laserod cores silicon wafers by downsizing from large to small semiconductor wafers. We can also dice silicon wafers with a two step scribe and break process. Laserod specializes in coring silicon, but we can core other materials.

Laser Patterning Indium Tin Oxide

This method removes the invisible and conductive material coating an item. These items include touch screens, solar panels, cell phones, digital cameras and jet plane cockpit windows.

Laser Patterning on a Glass Substrate

This method is only one step and does not require a mask. The pattern and design can be changed with CAD based software. It is also environmentally friendly and involves minimal heating on the substrate which protects the rest of the surface.

Laser Microvia Hole Drilling

Laserod can drill holes down to 5 microns in most materials thanks to our high power lasers and precision optics. Percussion drilling involves a laser beam drilling a hole. Trepanning drilling involves the laser beam swinging in a circle to hollow out a hole. Percussion drilling is faster and can quickly drill thousands of small holes.

Laser Resistor Trimming of Hybrid Circuits

Hybrid resistors can be trimmed actively or passively. Laserod can trim a board that is 24’’ by 24’’ or 36’’ by 24.’’ You will be given Excel graphs to compare the initial trim values to the final trim values.

For more information about our laser cutting services call 310-328-5869 or send us a message on the contact page. We can quote you a price if you send us a drawing, sketch or a DXF or DWG file of what you want.

Laser Cutting Service Los Angeles
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