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Laser Micro Machining Company

Laser Micro machining Company

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The revolution of laser processing brought by Laserod Company has significantly contributed to the enhancement of microtechnology in various industries like research, education, business, and space travels.

Our laser micro machining company focuses on specializing higher resolution of laser structuring or resizing any type of microfabrication such as semiconductors, medical applications, microelectronics, solar panels, and display systems. We are proud to pioneer a faster maskless approach of prototyping strategy that complements a wide range of substrates like touch technology panels. It also uses direct write which is a highly isolated method to ensure entirely eco-friendly procedures.

Laser Micro Machining Company Systems

We build products with full line integration of micromachining varieties of equipment such as fiber laser and diode types. These are typically utilized for plastic or metal thin trimming system, reshaping of a silicon wafer, cutting procedure for different resistors, scribing substrate system of both silicon and alumina types of micromachines, the configuration of many R&D equipment, capable machine production through laser system, and ITO plastic or glass film structuring process.

When it comes to microelectronic industry systems, we offer product equipment and supply as well as shop services of silicon and MEMs laser etching. We provide cutting (flat or notch type), resizing, silicon coring, dicing, and singulation of silicon material, MEMs devices, and hole drilling procedures. These procedures ultimately help many cutting edge systems like detectors, solar cells, and sensor structure.

We utilize highly vaporized best quality of crystalline structure of silicon for our laser procedures to ensure a more accurate etching technology. Hence, you can guarantee a stronger cutting edge with sharpness endurance with a typical kerf loss of 10um (optional) at 30 microns. Our high precision of refined cutting edges fully supplies better results and performance through the use of a more focused wavelength capture for smaller spot cutting with beam control. In using single use of mode lasers accurately produce minimal and refined distortion and modification with a range of laser cuts from 10 to 50 microns. Thus, requirements for thin material drilling include maximum depth of at least 3mm, with entrance side laser debris, submicron size of laser ablation. We can assist you with small type machine etching, copper type laser option, laser precision for metal magnet tips, aluminum type laser procedure, large quantity option, CVD diamond type laser option, and ceramic laser type. Our etching pattern with no mask application can fully avoid large stripper effects, acid from etching and actively repels waste discharge that damages the material.

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