A Passion For Precision

For over forty years, Laserod and its predecessor companies have provided laser micromachining products and services to many of the largest industrial corporations and most prestigious universities in the world.

About Laserod

Laserod Incorporated was founded by Rod Waters in the mid 1990s, succeeding Florod, a company established by Waters and a partner in the 1970s. Waters began his career in the laser industry in the 1960s working for the Korad Division of Union Carbide. In mid-2011, the assets of Laserod Inc. were purchased by a successor corporation, Laserod Technologies LLC, headed by David Adams, Jr. (President/CEO) and Charles Moffitt (Chairman), investors with many years of experience as financial and operating executives.

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  • Aerospace & Defense - Advances in defense and aerospace technology and related R&D continue at a pace more rapid than ever before. Laserod keeps up with customer requirements by… Learn More
  • Automotive - The evolution of the automotive industry from carbon based fuels to alternative energy has occurred in parallel with the increasing role of today‚Äôs vehicles in… Learn More
  • Medical & Biotech - The new era of medicine and biotechnology has led to a continuing need to make related products smaller and more exacting, which is where Laserod… Learn More
  • Semiconductor - Laserod has decades of experience working with the semiconductor and microelectronics industries on a variety of functions from wafer resizing, to laser resistor trimming, to… Learn More
  • Solar - As the solar power industry rapidly advances the production of greater wattage per square inch of solar panel, Laserod has worked with solar producers on… Learn More
  • Telecommunications - As the telecommunications industry has grown and changed, Laserod has been there to help it do so. Our precision lasers allow satellite technology and communications… Learn More
  • Touch Panel Displays - Touch screens and displays have become both omnipresent and considerably more complex in recent years, requiring more sophisticated technique to produce them. Laserod excels at… Learn More
  • Universities & Research - Whether yours is a small project or large research application, Laserod technical personnel can work with you to innovate and improve. We have decades of… Learn More