Electrical Transformers Mozambique

Electrical Transformers Mozambique



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What Are Electrical Transformers?


An electrical transformer is a device that can change the voltage level of alternating current (AC) in a circuit. They function with AC circuits and with direct current (DC) circuits.  A transformer does not generate power, but instead, they transfer it from one AC voltage to another. A transformer has four essential components.


  • Input Connections: Referred to as the primary side, and this is where the power enters the transformer.
  • Output connections or secondary side of the transformer that transmits energy, and increases or decreases the power and sends it to outside of the transformer to the load.
  • Transformer Windings: Most of the time, the primary and secondary windings are on multiple coils linked to the primary input or output source.
  • Transformer Cores: A transformer core intensifies the magnetic coupling between primary and secondary circuits. Cores are not a solid bar of steel but are many thin laminated sheets. This helps limits the buildup of heat inside the transformer.


There are several different types of electrical transformers in Mozambique, and you are sure to find the right ones for your needs.


What Are Some Common Types Of Transformers?


There are several different types of electrical transformers in Mozambique. Transformers are used in electrical power systems for different reasons, and each has a unique purpose. Different transformers are classified based on the following criteria:


  • Voltage Level
  • Core Material
  • Winding Arrangements
  • Where it is installed
  • What is its intended use


Step-Up Transformer:  The secondary voltage is stepped up within the ratio compared to the primary voltage. This is accomplished by increasing the number of winding in the secondary output position.


Step-Down Transformer:  The voltage is higher on the primary input, and it has more windings on the primary side.  A step-down transformer is used to convert high grid voltage to low voltage that can be used for things like home appliances.


Air Core Transformers: Based on what the core material is. Both the primary and secondary windings are on a non-magnetic strip, and the flux linkage is between both the primary and secondary windings is through the air. This completely eliminates hysteresis (Change in the characteristic of a circuit) and eddy (circular current) current losses.

Iron Core Transformer: Has laminations of iron or like magnetic material make up the path for magnetic lines that force a link with the transformer windings.


A Distribution Transformer: These are used to distribute power to remote locations. They work at a relatively low-efficiency rate of 50-70%, are usually small in size, and are typically easy to install.


Electrical Transformers are critical components of any power system. Transformers are one of the main reasons electricity can be carried for long distances and then distributed among several places at once. It allows electricity to travel at higher efficiencies and reach customers at less loss.


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Electrical Transformers Mozambique