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MEMS Devices

Laser Micro-Machining MEMS Devices

Laser Cutting, Scribing, Singulation and Dicing of Silicon Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) Devices

Laserod has been enjoying some success in laser machining of MEMS devices. MEMS are MicroElectroMechanicalSystems. MOEMS are optical MEMS. Then there are RF MEMS, bioMEMS, sensors, etc. For us, MEMS are always on silicon substrates, are 3-dimensional, are sensitive to debris and tend to be fragile.

Here are a three reasons why our laser machining of MEMS is useful and why Laserod should be your vendor of choice:

  • We have some of the highest tech laser equipment to get “clean” results in MEMS processing.
  • Our lasers enjoy spot sizes (cut widths really) typically in the range of 10-25 microns.
  • Clean room processing.

small hole from laser drill

MEMS Device laser drilled small hole

Laser drilled small hole in silicon MEMS device.
Minimal debris

Precision Laser Work:

Examples of microelectronic micromachining of MEMS devices include cutting, scribing, drilling, singulation and dicing. We also laser saw, laser ablate, laser etch and microdrill vias in semiconductor/MEMS wafers and chips including RF MEMS, bioMEMS, sensors, transducers, etc. To this list you can add laser patterning thin metallic layers.

Advantages of our laser micromachining of MEMS devices are minimal laser debris and laser burning. Little or no cleaning is required. More detailed information about MEMS machining and samples of our work are available on our website.

MEMS type device

Micromachined MEMs Device

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You may call us, fax us or e-mail your requirements. If you fax us a sketch or e-mail a dxf or dwg file, we can fax you a quotation. In most cases you supply us the material. We will quote on a turnkey basis, should you desire. Prototypes are welcome! We sell systems as well as offering a laser processing service.