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Silicon & MEMS

Micromachining and Patterning

Shop Service or Equipment Supply for Laser Machining of Silicon (cutting, drilling, coring, resizing) as used in the Microelectronics Industry

Laser Micromachining of Silicon (links to other pages on this website):

Laserod specializes in laser machining of silicon (Si). We offer precision laser cutting, scribing, coring (resizing), flat or notch cutting, microdrilling holes, singulation and dicing of silicon and MEMS devices. Typically applications of laser machining silicon include the manufacture of MEMS devices, sensors, detectors, and solar cells.

Silicon is brittle, has a crystalline structure, and has a high vaporization temperature, none of which present a problem to laser machining. For example crystalline direction is of no hindrance to the laser. Also lasers can cut in circles and produce flats or notches all in one operation. Lasers cut circles of almost any size so coring (resizing), and via hole drilling are easily done using pure laser energy with no mechanical contact.

Why Choose Laserod for Processing Silicon?

  • Our laser’s kerf loss is typically 30 microns with 10um optional. The laser cutting edge stays sharp – improving yield and the cutting edge suffers no wear and tear.
  • We work to low tolerances and very fine cuts.
  • Tolerances in our laser working of silicon run a few microns, with fineness of our laser cuts down to 10 microns.
  • High power, high precision gives better results.
  • High laser power at a favorable wavelength focused to a small spot and the beam controlled by high precision mechanics gives superior results in coring, cutting, scribing channels, dicing and hole drilling of silicon.

How does Laserod do it better than their competition?

The people of Laserod have been performing high-quality laser machining of silicon for over 20 years. Our quality and turn-times are among the best — performed at very competitive prices and the laser systems we supply are reliable, dependable and highly productive.