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Laserod Specializes in Precision Laser Micromachining
From Prototype to Production, Shop Service or Equipment Supply – we excel in laser processing!
We specialize in high resolution, high precision, small spot size, laser beam machining for medical, semiconductor, display, and microelectronics applications. Patterning Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO) such as Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) is an application of great interest to us. We work with both crystalline and polycrystalline silicon, such as resizing silicon wafers, drilling microvia holes, scribing solar cells, isolation scribes and channels.

Using solid state YAG lasers, we process: displays, solar cells, resistors and sensors (transducers).

We perform precision micromachining on all microelectronic substrates such as ceramic, silicon, diamond, BeO and all others. Examples of microelectronic micromachining include cutting, scribing and drilling all metals, ceramics and plastics, patterning displays of glass or plastic, cutting/drilling/machining thin stainless steel, and trimming hybrid resistors.


Laser Resistor Trimming
ITO Patterning
Hole Drilling in Thin Materials
Thin Material Micromachining
Trace Cutting